• Red Rock Transportation is not just any transportation service. Ed not only checks flights on your flight schedule but calls to reconfirm pick up times to take any uncertainty out of your trip. Thank you for the personal touch. SMH, Sedona, AZ
    •  Ed/Carmen…First and foremost I wanted to tell you both that you helped both Alicia and me to have the most rewarding experience possible while in Jerome/Sedona. We couldn’t have possibly picked a more perfect company to take care of not only all of our transportation needs but also to become what we feel are friends to us. TS, NY
    • After using two of the other services in our area many times, Red Rock Transportation offers the most convenient and economical rates of the other services. HK, Cottonwood, AZ
    • Ed Hosmer and Red Rock Transportation has been an exceptional find in addressing my occasional transportation needs. It’s not easy to find a service that provides timely, professional and courteous assistance, but that’s exactly what Red Rock does – as well as attending to any special personal needs. A definite value. SP, Sedona, AZ
    • Hello Ed, Thank you for taking care of my family, it is comforting to know that they are in good hands.We all worry that our families arrive safely from any travel adventure and that once they depart from my home and into your hands I feel comfortable. I sincerely appreciate the service you provide… your service is impeccable. PG, Toronto
    • When you are booking complex transport arrangements from the other side of the World, in a place I have never been to and can hardly spell, (and my job depends on getting it right), Ed and Red Rock Transportation were reassuringly competent and reliable. Many thanks for making it all happen so smoothly. CN, Sydney, Australia
    • This was the first time to visit Sedona and I was quite nervous to go to a unfamiliar place I have never been before. But when I called to Edward, I found that I didn’t need to be worried about the riding. Edward answered to my questions very kindly and sincerely. As I expected, his riding from Phoenix to Sedona was very pleasant and safe. So I and my children decided to ask him to guide us many places in Sedona the next day. His guiding was perfect!!! When I visit Sedona next time, I will contact to Red Rock Transportation. Thank you, Edward. SH, Seoul, South Korea
    • I was traveling to Sedona alone and came across this website. I read the testimonials and immediately booked a trip with Ed. As a female traveling alone I am very careful about who I book with, but the price was right and I immediately felt comfortable when Ed’s wife picked me up at the airport. We had great conversation and a quick trip to Sedona. On the way home I had to be back at Phoenix International by 6am so very early Ed picked me up at Mii Amo Spa and off we went. This is truly a professional team that puts you at ease right away and the price is right. Thank you both for taking such good care of me, appreciate it. If I come back to Sedona, I will be calling you again. AK, Chicago, IL
    • I have used red rock transportation on many occasions. I was physically incapacitated and they drove me to Flagstaff and to Phoenix, looking for doctors and then getting checkups. In fact, I wouldn’t have been able to have the cyst on my spine removed had it not been for Ed driving me at the last minute to a phoenix hospital. I felt safe and secure at all times and am grateful for their service. RA, Sedona, AZ
    • We can highly recommend Ed and Red Rock Transportation. Coming from Sweden we arrived in Phoenix after a long flight. Ed met us at the airport, and his kind manner made us feel completely at ease and very comfortable as we had a really enjoyable ride to Sedona. This was our first visit to the area and Ed gave us a wonderful introduction to this beautiful place. With a kind and open heart he is truly a person we can recommend any day…. we went home with a big smile and new and great insights. C&K, Sweden & U.K.

    • Red Rock Transportation was always very helpful and cooperative, I knew that I could count on them. Thus, I recommend their service highly. GC, Sedona, AZ
    • I was looking for someone to drive a film-transfer errand from Jerome to Phoenix and back – and I had to administer it from Sweden! I thought “this will never work out”, but through Google Maps I found Red Rock Transportation. And they were Professional, Efficient and Enthusiastic – couldn’t have wished for a better service. JW, Drottningholm, Sweden
    • Red Rock Transportation’s service was fabulous. Ed was flexible and great at communication, ready to accommodate our every need. We had an emergency need to change our plans after a member of our party learned that her best friend was in the hospital and not expected to survive. Ed dropped everything (in the middle of an NFL play-off game that might have earned Arizona a spot in the SuperBowl) and appeared in minutes to take our party back to Phoenix in time to catch the last flight out that night. During the trip, he was very comforting, not intrusive, and created a lifetime fan for his services. We are very grateful for Ed’s availability and professionalism and would not hesitate to recommend Red Rock to anyone who wants reliability, flexibility, and high quality service. KC, Seattle, WA
    • “Trust” would be the word I would always use when recommending or speaking about Ed Hosmer and Red Rock Transportation. I have engaged his services numerous times and have always been more than pleased and had complete trust in him. I trust him to make sure all my trips ‘begin and end’ smoothly and are on time. I trust him to get me there and back safely. I trust him to take care of something I treasure the most – my family. I even trusted him with packing up my house in New Jersey and moving all my belongings to Sedona. After all these dealings with Ed and Red Rock Transportation, I realize I can’t bring myself to trust anyone else but Ed when I need transportation… SV, Sedona, AZ
    • Dear Fellow Travelers. If you travel from Sedona to other parts of the globe, you know that the most painful part of the trip can be the “to” and “from” the airport.

      “To” the airport because you usually have to rise at the crack of the crack to get to your flight 140 miles down the road and “from” because it is usually the last leg of an exhausting journey.

      So exhausting are the to and froms I actually considered moving closer to the airport. But I found the prescription for taking the exhaust out of “to” and “from” travel: Red Rock Transportation.

      Red Rock Transportation’s owner and driver, Ed Hosmer, a thoughtful, kind, prompt professional picks me up in an immaculate, comfortable, environmentally friendly car with a steaming cup of coffee and a goody or two. If silence is what I need, silence is what I get. If I have to do biz the chatter doesn’t seem to distract or annoy Ed. And when it’s stimulating dialogue ranging from politics to theology to philosophy, Ed is a deep, well rounded thinker and conversationalist. In addition to airport runs, my visual disability prevents me from driving at night. For a very reasonable fee, Ed has driven me to where I need to be at very unusual hours. So when it comes to the “to” and “froms” on the roads less and frequently traveled, I would highly recommend Red Rock Transportation to move body and soul. CH, Sedona, AZ
    • We would like to personally recommend Ed Hosmer of Red Rock Transportation… Whether moving your household cross country, or locally, or needing a ride to the airport, Ed is the right person. He is honest, fair, and totally conscientious in doing the best job that he can. My wife and I were fortunate to have Ed’s services for our move from northern Arizona to the Monterey Peninsula in California. Thank you, Ed for a move well done. We did not worry about a thing. J/TS, Carmel, CA

“We Deliver Quality”

When you secure our services, our driver and vehicle are dedicated to your private use at a low hourly or daily rate relative to passenger load. This makes private transportation affordable for one person and sharing costs with friends simple, easy, and inexpensive.

We specialize in gentle service options for seniors and others seeking safe transportation for medical appointments or shopping. If you need to make one or more medical appointments, our driver can bring you to your appointments and remain with you or assist you if you desire.


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